How to choose a T-shirt bra

About T-shirt bras

At Avokado, T-Shirt bras (also known as Seamless or Moulded) are our most popular style of bra. This is because they are versatile for wearing under any outfit as they have smooth cups so the bra doesn't detract from what you are wearing. They also come in a variety of shapes, to suit individual tastes. We nickname them 'shapewear for boobs' because they give a sleek, clean line and offer great lift and support.

Misconceptions about T-shirt bras

We have noticed at Avokado that most ladies who see T-shirt bras for the first time refer to them as 'padded' bras. This is a common misconception as they have no added padding. They offer instead a mould of varying rigidity and thickness, which makes them appear bigger than the traditional lacy bras. The moulded layer reduces nipple show and gives a set shape to your bust, whether projecting forward or a more 'natural' rounded shape. As with any bra, when a T-shirt bra is correctly fitted it can offer a minimised look to the bust.

Body types

If you're unsure of what style of T-shirt bra may suit your figure, we have some suggestions below (see bra examples underneath). This is only a guideline as we always recommend that you try each style to find the one that YOU like in terms of feel, fit and shape.

HOURGLASS - all of our T-shirt bras should suit your figure.

INVERTED TRIANGLE - Smoothing Moulded.

RECTANGLE - Smoothing Moulded.

TRIANGLE - Rebecca, Idol, Deco.

DIAMOND - Smoothing Moulded.

OVAL - Rebecca, Idol.

Our different T-shirt bras

Deco by Freya

Deco by Freya

A Plunge (low in centre) style that has a softer, thicker mould giving a 'push-up' look. Suits those with a firmer bust. Great for low cut tops and if you want to show more cleavage. Available in Black, Nude and often a Seasonal colour. (See bra review below).

Smothing Moulded by Fantasie

Smoothing Moulded by Fantasie

This is an original top-seller and a more rigid mould giving a forward-projected shape. The style is a balcony and is higher in the bra centre so offers more coverage to those who have a softer bust. Because this style 'holds' you in at the sides, it gives a very slimming look. Available in Black and Nude. (See bra review below)

Rebecca by Fantasie

Rebecca by Fantasie

This is a full cup style with a softer foam mould, much like the 'traditional' T-shirt styles that other brands offer. Because of the softer mould, this offers a round shape, so you are not 'held in' at the sides as with Smoothing Moulded. This style suits most bust types because of the coverage and is a popular all-round T-shirt bra. Available in Black, White, Nude and the occasional Seasonal colour.

Idol Allure by Freya

Idol Allure by Freya

A versatile style with a shape somewhere between Idol and Smoothing moulded, this has a more rigid mould giving a forward-projected shape but still offering roundness. This style offers a gorgeous lace overlay with double front straps for the on trend look. A J-hook on the band enables you to cross the straps for the racer-back option, a real bonus. Available in Black. Also, available in the Idol Allure Strapless bra.

Idol by Freya

Idol by Freya

This is our latest and greatest T-shirt style. It offers more of a rounded shape, but not too 'round', so a popular shape to suit many. A softer, thicker foam mould that 'holds' the bust really well. This is a balcony shape that has more coverage above the bust but not too much, so suitable for many top cuts. Available in Black and Nude and the occasional Seasonal colour. (See bra review below).

T-shirt bra tips

  • To get the best advice, we recommend that you have your T-shirt bra professionally fitted.  At Avokado, we have an extensive knowledge of each bra so will check your size and offer the bras that are best suited to your shape and lifestyle.
  • Moulded bras usually have a 'set' (convex) shape and our boobs are not designed to fill the cup in its entirety, so there is often a small space at the top of the cup/s. This does not always mean that the bra is too big, as you may 'spill' over the top of the cup/s if you go down a size.  This small space is also not noticeable when you wear the bra.  Please check with us if you are unsure, as this is the most common query we receive.
  • Because the mould can be quite rigid, when you put on your bra you will notice a gap at the bottom of the cups (just above the wires at the base of your bust).  This gap doesn't mean that the bra is too big, merely that you need to 'shimmy' your boobs into this space. A tip is to hold the top of the cup firmly with one hand and push the wire up and under your boob with the other.
  • As a test, pop a (snug-fitting) T-shirt over your bra as this will give you a good idea of the shape it offers you, and ensures that you don't have any of the dreaded 'double-boob'.  If you do, then you need to change the size and/or style.
  • T-shirt bras are much like Shapewear - they are not always the 'prettiest' looking bras but are designed for function and practicality while offering top support, lift and shape with a seam-free look.
  • To store T-shirt bras, we recommend that you either hang them or pop them somewhere with no items placed on top of the cups (anything heavy left on the bras may affect the mould and cause denting). If you are travelling anywhere, place some socks or knickers within the cup shells to keep the shape whole.  You can fold one cup into the other to compact the bra for short periods of time.
  • Washing and drying: Please read our Care Instructions.
Claire's Smoothing review

I usually wear an 8G in most brands and am not very easy to fit, so there's only really a couple of the T-shirt bras that suit my shape and bust type. Smoothing Moulded has always been my go-to bra as I wear a lot of T-shirts and I like the way it holds me in place and in at the sides.  Because my shape is more Rectangle than Hourglass, I find that the rounder shapes (like Rebecca) make me 'wider' at the top than my hips are.  With the bra being more 'projected' (not 'Madonna' though) , it makes me look slimmer from front on, and my boobs smaller. This particular style has quite a generous cup size, so you may need to go down a cup, although I have stuck with the 8G because my boobs fluctuate throughout the month. It is very clear with this style if the cups are too big, but keep in mind that there is usually a small empty gap at the top of one or both cups because our boobs are often less full at the top. Due to a fairly rigid mould, I initially found this bra quite weird to wear and it feels like the tip of the cups are empty. Again, this is because the bra is moulded in a convex shape that differs from our boob shape. I am now very comfortable and love the 'containment' the moulded bra offers. A great test is to put on a T-shirt and see how it looks under clothes. If it looks good and there's no extra boob popping out anywhere, then the size is probably correct! This bra is suitable for many ladies, but not everyone.  I do find it is difficult to convince people to try it, but often, when they do they are super surprised at how 'small' their boobs look and how gorgeous their figure looks.  As with all T-shirt bras, try this one and compare it to the others before you decide:).

Selena's Idol review

Idol by Freya is a T-shirt bra unlike any I have tried before. The cup is not the solid mould you expect in a T-shirt bra. The fabric has a pinstripe effect on it. The straps have a cute white stitch detail that contrasts the black nicely, this detail is on the trim of the cup and continues around the band. I have found that the cup size is a standard fit, personally I found that the band isn't as snug as Deco by Freya. I do recommend that you get fitted for your bra as everybody has their own preference as to how snug they like the band to feel. Idol has a great rounded shape. It offers good lift without feeling too forward and doesn't make you feel too big in the bust. It has a barely there feel to the cup as it is not as solid as some t-shirt bra. As Idol is a T-shirt bra, there are no seams or lines to worry about under your clothing, which is fabulous if this is a concern when looking for a bra. The stitch detail doesn't stand out under clothing. The rounded shape means it doesn't make you feel like you are 'out there'. If you are looking for a T-shirt bra that is comfortable enough to wear everyday and looks great under clothing I would recommend Idol.

Aimee's Deco review

The Deco bra is a must have staple in every Freya girls wardrobe. It is a completely seamless bra, making it a perfect t-shirt bra as it doesn't show up under clothing. It is a relatively stiff cup so it keeps its shape through all day wear. The band is relatively  I was the same size in this bra, as my other bras, so I would say it’s pretty true to size, however the band, when worn a few times, does give a bit, so best to make sure the bad is nice and firm when purchasing. This bra gives the wearer a nice round shape, with excellent uplift. It has a low plunging centre allowing for versatility with clothing options, as with the deco bra you have the option of wearing low cut plunging tops or even those with a sweetheart shape to them. It has a soft outer lining reducing any cling from t-shirts to the bra. The deco bra also has petite bows on the centre gore and where the straps meet the cups. I find the Deco bra incredibly comfortable to wear, as the firm band allows for pressure to be alleviated from the shoulders. Not only this, but the straps are of a decent thickness removing any discomfort that may arise due to the straps digging in. Colour wise, you have two options, the nude or the black (and often new seasonal colours). I find the nude to be on the lighter side giving the bra quite a feminine look, and a nicer tone than most nude bras that are available. Storage wise I wouldn’t recommend bending the cups into each other as I find that when the cups are manipulated it produces lines in the cup. These lines do come out but I feel it's probably better to avoid this all together and store the Deco bra by lying it in it's usual shape, on it's own without items on top of it. Overall, I would recommend this bra for the firmer busted ladies, due to the stiffness of the cups, the softer busted ladies may find themselves starting to fall out of the Deco bra after a few hours of wear. You’ll find that you will have many uses for the Deco bra, from an everyday t-shirt bra, to the perfect bra for under an evening dress. With the combined comfort and look that the Deco bra provides, its no wonder it’s one of Freya’s most classic and most loved bras.


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