Why wear a Sports Bra

How important is a sports bra? Will it make a difference when I exercise? Does it matter what kind of sports bra I choose? Getting the right running shoes and clothes is one thing, but getting the best support for your boobs, is in fact, quite a specialised field. Take a look at the video below of an 8G runner, to see the difference your bra can make.


When you exercise, your breasts will bounce. Without the right support, this dreaded bounce is distracting and uncomfortable, and can stretch and stress your breasts, causing irreversible damage. But how much can this bounce be minimised? Most women are surprised just how much of a difference a good sports bra can make. There are many bras out there marketed as sports bras, but the ultimate proof is in the results. A good quality sports bra should hold you firmly, no matter what your size. Our team are trained to find the right bra for you and ensure it fits correctly (our experience is that over 80% of women visiting our shop for the first time are in the wrong size bra, and not getting the support they could). Time and time again customers tell us just how life changing it has been for them after they have got a sports bra from us, and the difference it makes to their enjoyment of exercise. If you've never taken the opportunity to try on a variety of the world's best sports bras, we would love for you to visit our team and see what a difference it could make for YOU.  In the meantime, have a look at our Sports Bra selection.