Care Instructions

When it comes to Washing & Drying your lingerie, please follow care instructions given on the labelling of garments and here are our recommendations:


We strongly recommend that you hand wash all lingerie for best results.  For great results, check out Soak Wash, perfect for using with your lingerie and delicates.  If using a washing machine, place item into a Lingerie Wash bag with the bra hooks done up and use a cool/cold wash with a gentle detergent on a gentle cycle.  We are unable to offer a refund/exchange if items have been damaged in a washing machine, even if a Lingerie Wash Bag has been used.  On rare occasions, items can be damaged in any type of washing machine, which is why hand washing is best:).  

Moulded bras - hand washing is advised. If using a Wash bag, fold one cup into the other to contain the shape. Not following these instructions may cause the bra fabric to shrink/break down, underwires can become misshapen or pop out, and other clothes can be damaged by bra hooks. We also recommended using a Wash bag for your knickers.

When drying garments, DO NOT use a tumble dryer as the heat will damage the elastane, and the wires and hooks may cause damage. Dry in a warm area, and avoid direct contact with heating appliances. If drying on a heated towel rack, place item over a towel. Also, do not bleach or iron bras.

If you notice that your underwires seem to pop through the centre (or sides) of your bras, then you may need to check that you are putting your bras on correctly.  If you 'flip' the wires over when you put the cups on, then the wires will bend and they will be forced through the fabric after a few wears.  Have a read for more info here.


As with lingerie, the same washing and drying instructions apply (see above). In addition, we strongly suggest that straight after using swimwear in the sea or pools, you rinse with cool tap water to remove any salt or chemicals. These will fade and deteriorate the garment if not removed. Do not use fabric conditioner as this can break down Lycra. Dry in a warm area, and avoid leaving in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as this will fade the colours.  It is also a good idea to dry the garment inside out, to help retain the colours.  It is recognised that water in hot thermal/mineral pools will fade swimwear colours, so do not use your good swimwear in these - we are unable to accept returned swimwear that has been damaged by chlorine, salt or mineral pools.

Shapewear & Stockings

  • Cold or warm hand wash
  • Wash colours separately
  • Hang to dry
  • No tumble drying
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean