As per Government guidelines in dealing with the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, Avokado is taking the following measures to ensure these guidelines are met:

Cleaning and Sanitisation in our Shop

Our staff will be washing and sanitizing their hands regularly throughout the day, in particular before and between customers. No staff member will be permitted to come to work if they display any Covid-19 symptoms and have been requested to seek a swab test if any symptoms appear.

Our shop has been well cleaned and sanitized and any surfaces that are touched by staff and customers will be regularly cleaned.  In particular, our EFTPOS machine is sanitized after each use.

Social Distancing

It is expected in Level 2 that we are still to maintain at least a 1 meter distance from any strangers, so our staff will be ensuring they do this while you are browsing in our store and moving in and out of our fitting area. While you are in your fitting room, we will be there to help you if you are comfortable with that. We will ask to enter your room but will be wearing a face mask. In order to fit you, we may want to tighten your shoulders straps while you are facing the mirror. This will be done only if you are happy for us to do it. The staff will be washing and sanitizing their hands before and after they do this.

Bringing along friends and family

Due to the size of our shop, we are unable to accommodate large groups of people without compromising social distancing. For this reason, we do ask that you try and come alone to our shop for a fitting. If you prefer to have a support person, please can they wait in our dedicated waiting area or go for a wonder in Newmarket. Please don’t think we are being rude, if we ask for family and friends to wait outside of the fitting area.

Our use of PPE during Fittings

The nature of what we do means that we would prefer to be able to fit you in order to find the perfect size. Although we will be trying to reduce the physical contact we have with you in the fitting room, we may need to adjust your straps. Due to the fact that we will be within a meter of your space we are required to wear face masks for your and our protection. Our staff will be trained on correct use of these and regular use of sanitising product. If you feel more comfortable bringing along and wearing your own mask during a fitting, that would be absolutely fine!

Contact Tracing

When you come to us for a fitting, we will be asking for your name and a phone number for the purposes of Contact tracing, in the event that it's required.  We also have a QR Code at the entrance to our store for you to scan using the NZ COVID Tracer App.

Most of all, we very much look forward to seeing you again and helping you find your perfect bra!.

The Avo Team x

LEVEL 3 - 28/04/2020

Hi everyone, we trust that you are keeping well and look forward to making the most of Level 3 like we are:). 
At Avokado, we are now sending out all orders!  You can place orders online anytime, or by phone (details below). 
There is information that we would like to pass on to you, as follows;

Dispatching Orders

Our aim is to send your order on the day you placed it or the following day. (Mondays-Fridays). Once your order has been sent, you will receive a Courier Post tracking number.

Thursday 7 May '20 - Thanks so much to everyone who has placed online and phone orders with us!  Your business is totally appreciated, you guys rock:)! We have been able to pack and send your orders within 2 days but have now realized that there is a massive backlog with the couriers collecting parcels & at their depots (this is the case with all courier companies).  Essentially, once we have sent your order, please just keep an eye on the tracking info that we have emailed to you and hopefully, your parcel will start moving in a couple of days. But, please expect delays...xx

Phone orders

You are welcome to phone through an order to 09 520 7869 with credit card details between the hours of 12pm – 2pm Monday to Sunday. If you have any other queries, please rather email us for comprehensive advice on sales@avokado.co.nz.

Collecting Items from our Newmarket store

You can arrange to pay for an item over the phone or place a web order, and collect it directly from our store. Our staff will be in store for limited hours, so please email us at sales@avokado.co.nz to arrange a suitable day and time. If you place your order online, we will refund your postage.  We are unable to take direct payment at our store when you collect an item.

Remote Fittings

Avokado offers you a free fitting service from the comfort of your own home. One of our expert staff will meet you in a Video Chat room, and help with fit/size/style advice. See our Remote Fitting Room page for further information.


Our understanding is that the Post Office will be closed until Level 2 of lockdown, so unless you can return items using Courier Post, we are extending our returns period until Level 2. If you live in the Auckland area, you can return items directly to our store in Newmarket, but will need to make prior arrangement by email.  If you are wanting to return an item for any reason, please contact us at sales@avokado.co.nz so that we know to expect your items, at your earliest convenience. If you are wanting a different size/style and can’t yet return a previously ordered item, you will need to place a separate order. Once original items are received by us, we will issue your refund.

'Available on Backorder'

Some items are currently out of stock. Due to worldwide freight disruptions because of Covid-19, we expect there to be delays with all stock. If you are wanting to place an order for an item that is showing as ‘Available on backorder’, you can email us on sales@avokado.co.nz for a rough estimate regarding availability. You may be able to find another style or colour that is currently in stock.

Kia kaha!

Regards, the Avokado team x

LEVEL 4 - 07/04/2020

Hi all, we hope you are keeping yourselves safe and sane during this very difficult lockdown. It is such a challenging time for all NZers, both financially and socially. But as much as it hurts us as a business, we believe that what our leaders are doing is the correct thing, and that we should all stick with the plan together, get rid of this virus, so we can get back as close as possible to our ‘normal’ lives again.

We’re aware that there are now quite a number of retailers in NZ selling ‘essential’ items.  We ourselves have been through the process of applying to sell some of our products online, assuming that MBIE would consider our requests and make a judgement. But in actual fact, a business simply fills out the online forms, and when completed, you are able to sell. Their automatic reply states they will contact you if they felt it wasn’t appropriate, but they are no doubt under-resourced, and it is essentially a high trust model that relies on the business acting responsibly. Most businesses are stating they have ‘permission’ or 'approval' to sell their goods, whereas for the most part they have just completed the online form. We firmly believe that, for the most part, MBIE would NOT want most of these businesses to be selling their goods.

We have thought long and hard about whether to start selling bras on our website, and have decided that we should not.  Even though we are fully able to meet the safety requirements of hygiene and staff separation, we think it would not be appropriate in the spirit of only selling essential items. Our Govt has specified the only items to be sold are those "that keep people warm, replace key household appliances, and maintain people’s health”. Selling online still means staff have to drive, couriers have to deliver, and goods are changing hands.

Selling anything that doesn’t meet the above criteria is putting the entire lockdown, and subsequent ENORMOUS sacrifice of so many NZers, at risk.  If it’s not absolutely essential, we feel it should not be sold.

We will consider selling our most essential item, maternity bras. We have decided we will not advertise the fact on our website, because we know it may lead to further items being sold, and we compromise the entire principle of only selling the most essential of items.

We do not want to sell for the sake of making sales.

However, we understand that there are feeding mums out there that may desperately need nursing bras, especially those who may be actively working in essential services ie, the primary sector. We want to help mums in this situation, and can do so on a direct, one-to-one basis, to ensure their needs are met.

Otherwise, let’s all stick together as one through this lockdown, make do with what we have (as Kiwis we are actually all so lucky in this respect), so that we come out strong on the other side. If you have an essential need for one of our items, please contact us directly, and we will do our very best to help you.

Stay safe. We're missing being in our store, seeing our wonderful customers face to face. But this time will pass, and we’ll see you all back out there soon. Love Claire and the team @ Avokado x


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