Fittings by Skype

"Thanks for your assistance. The Skype fitting was fab. I was surprised how easy it was to have the fitting via Skype, and the new sizes are great. Saved me lots of back and forth with postage trying to figure out the right fit on my own. Have been recommending it, and would definitely use this service again, as living in Wellington and not having a store like Avokado down here means you are always my go to shop... (for a good 4 years now)." Yael

Why have a Skype fitting?

Avokado offers you a free fitting service from the comfort of your own home. If you have purchased a bra from us and are unsure of the fit, we can check the bra on you to see how it fits and offer size advice. Alternatively, if you have a newish bra and you don't know if the fit is correct, we can check it to see whether it's the right size/style for you.

How does a Skype fitting work?

After you have sent your information to the email link below, we will arrange a Skype appointment that suits you. At an agreed time, we will call your Skype ID and discuss your bra queries. When you're ready, you can remove your top, leaving your bra on and we can take a look at the fit on you. Before your appointment, PLEASE CHECK THE BRA SIZE as we will ask for this. If you are not wearing an Avokado bra, we would prefer you to wear a recently purchased bra as this will give us a better idea of the fit. We do not use tape measures, so may ask you to turn around so that we can see the back band of the bra.

Can I be sure that the fitting is completely private?

We all understand the anxiety relating to bra fittings, so can reassure you that only one (female) staff member will help you with the fitting in a secure and private room. All of the information you provide is kept confidential.

I'm embarrassed about showing my body to a stranger

At Avokado we fit 1000's of women every year into bras and swimwear, so we are completely used to seeing women of all shapes and sizes. We want you to be comfortable showing us your bra and will do our best to make you feel relaxed. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can angle your webcam to show only your upper torso, and not your face - check your camera angles before we call you.

When can I Skype you?

We are available Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm for Skype appointments. (If these hours do not suit, please let us know). Please give us 12 hours notice, so that we can schedule an appointment with you. x

How long will the fitting be?

Depending on how many bras you want us to check, we aim to fit you within 5-30 mins.

Is there a cost for the fitting?

No, it's a free Avokado service. You are also under no obligation to buy any Avokado products either. Our aim is to assist you in finding your perfect fit.

"A few months ago we moved out of Auckland and I was worried as to where I would find bras to fit me properly as I am an odd size.  I contacted Avokado and then had my first Skype fitting with Michelle.  Michelle was great and the process was quick and efficient.  I ended up with the perfect feeding bra and would definitely recommend Skype fittings to others.  Just make sure you pull the curtains before logging on in case there is a knock at the door!" - Kristina

If you wish to have a Skype fitting, please email us here and include the following details -


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