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Are you a 'Flipper'?

When it comes to putting on our bras, we all have our 'own' way that suits us best. The main aim is to get the underwire sitting just underneath the bottom of the breast root against the ribcage, and to jiggle your breasts to the very bottom of the cups & to ensure they are sitting evenly. However, DON'T put the bra on upside down (see pic at left) and 'flip' it, as this bends the underwires out of shape and then the bra won't sit properly against your body. This can also cause the wires to break through and pop out after a few wears. Rather, put the bra on right-side up and proceed to put it on. For more advice or to discuss the best method, please contact us.

Proper Fitting

Proper Fitting

In our opinion, it is really important to get your bras fitted by a professional lingerie fitter. There are so many different bras that the bra-fitting ‘gurus’ have invaluable knowledge about, that you may not find in a shop that doesn’t offer this service. Once you know your size in a particular style, then the subsequent fittings will be much easier and quicker. We know that if a bra is the wrong size and/or style, it will not work effectively, so it’s good to get it just right!

Bra Hooks and Eyes

Bra Hooks and Eyes

When you first purchase a bra, we recommend that you (firmly and comfortably) do up the band hooks on the first set of 'eyes' (see pic). The reason for this is that the bra band stretches over time, and in order to get the most wear out of your bras, you want to be able to utilize all the eyes on the bra band.

Firm Band

Firm  Band

If you have been fitted at Avokado, you will notice that we suggest quite a snug-fitting band. We do this for the above reason, and the way to get the most uplift, is to have a snug band. It is important when you go home to understand that the band will feel snug for a good few wears and washes, until it loosens up (a bit like 'wearing in' new shoes). Unless it’s really uncomfortable, we advise you give it some time. If you find it just too tight, we encourage you to return as soon as possible for an alternative size.


Washing Instructions

When washing bras or swimwear, we strongly recommend that you hand wash for best results. If using a washing machine, you should pop them in a lingerie wash bag with the hooks done up and use a cool wash and a light detergent on a gentle, cold wash cycle.  We are unable to offer a refund/exchange if items have been damaged in a washing machine, even if a Lingerie Wash Bag has been used, so use at your own risk! Do not use a tumble dryer...the heat will damage the elastane and the hooks on the bras may bend. If someone else does your washing, you may want to politely remind them:). See more information in Care Instructions

Moulded Bras

Moulded Bras

Many moulded bras have a set shape, and can be quite rigid, so it’s important to keep that shape. They can be folded in on themselves, but if you need to transport them, best to pop some socks or undies inside their shell to hold the shape and not dent it. The main aim is to make sure nothing heavy sits on them to compress the moulded shape. Hanging them in the cupboard is often a good way to store them.

Bra Styles

Bras Styles

If you have figured out your correct bra size and tried on some bras, but they just don’t seem right, then don’t despair! Most often, working out your bra size is the quick and easy bit, but finding a style that suits your particular shape can be more challenging. Even if you and your best friend are the same bra size, you may find that different bras suit each of you. You may also find that in a different style/brand of bra, your size is different again. Another good reason to be professionally fitted.

Bra Lifespan

Bra Lifespan

In order to get the best and longest life out of your bras, we recommend that you have at least 3 ‘every day’ bras at any one time. This way you can rotate them and they will all go a long way for you. If you are a keen sportswoman then we suggest at least 2 sports bras to keep you going. You can usually tell when your bras are ready for replacement...the band becomes too big when you're using the 'tightest' hooks and therefore too loose to hold your boobs in place. The other factors that very much affect your bra lifespan are: Washing/Drying, storing and putting on. These are all covered under Getting the Perfect Fit and Care Instructions

Asymmetrical breasts

Asymmetrical Breasts

Like hands and feet, most of us have one breast larger than the other. It is recommended that when you purchase a bra, get one that is fitted to the larger breast size to avoid any unsightly bulges on that side. A little space in the other cup is usually not noticeable. Otherwise, use one of our Silicon inserts to fill the space. Moulded or lightly padded bras are particularly good for ladies with a noticeable size difference.