About Flexi-Wire Bras

What is a Flexi-Wire?

A 'flexi wire' is on the underside of the bra cups and provides shape and structure to the cups as well as offering breast separation. It differs from a traditional bra underwire in that it is soft and flexible, often plastic and cushioned, and is designed to flex as your breasts increase and decrease in size.

How should the bra fit on me?

We always recommend getting bras professionally fitted. As your body changes throughout pregnancy, you may want at least 2 fittings..one in the early stages of pregnancy when you first notice your bras getting too small, and one near the end of your last trimester. The main thing is that your bras fit you comfortably! The bra band needs to be firm around your rib cage with the flexi wire underneath your boobs. If the band is too loose, the breast tissue will 'slip' under the flexi wire. As your diaphragm area will likely increase as pregnancy progresses, the band size needs to be big enough to allow expansion. Also, up until you finish breastfeeding, you need spare room in the bra cups for fluctuations in your breast sizes during feeding.

Why is the 'fit' so important once I start breastfeeding?

For the first few weeks after delivery, and every time your baby has a 'growth spurt', your breasts will be filling and emptying with milk which means that your breast size is ever changing. A good fitting bra is important to support and protect your boobs while feeding and provide comfort at times when your breasts are most tender. If you choose to wear the flexi wire bra, make sure the 'wire' sits underneath your breasts and doesn't trap any breast tissue.

Avokado recommends...

- You wear non flexi wire (soft cup) bras for the week leading up to delivery and for at least 2-3 weeks post delivery as this is when the milk production affects your breast size the most.

- Do not sleep in flexi wire bras (the wire may cause restriction of the breast tissue). Rather, sleep in the soft cup bras as these will be more comfy and house your breast pads.

- If you are unsure of the bra fit, we recommend that you visit us for a professional fitting.

For any other advice, please feel free to contact us.